You Become a Writer When You Say So

This is a wild coincidence – but then, I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in serendipity. Yesterday I posted my opinion that the term “aspiring writer” limits us – we must truly understand that we are already writers. (I didn’t mention this yesterday but I’m reminded of Michelangelo who expressed that inside a raw rock was already the statue yearning to break free, and so that was his mission. ┬áBut I digress.)

Lo and behold, this morning I’m reading my inbox and I see this article from copyblogger, expressing the same sentiment – that you’re already a writer, when you decide that you ARE one.

Certainly an affirmation of what I believe as well, and the more you believe in yourself as an “already writer” instead of an “aspiring writer,” the more effortlessly you will actualize your true potential.

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